August 5, 2016

Limited Submission Review

Limited Submission Review – Announcements about limited submissions funding opportunities are posted on the Research Development (RD) website and major competitions are distributed by listserv notice to the Mason research community, and are also sent to the university Research Council, which is composed of Associate Deans for Research or others who serve in a similar capacity for their academic unit. These announcements identify the opportunity, give a brief description, provide a link to the funding agency’s site, and indicate all internal and external deadlines. While RD makes every effort to identify all limited submissions opportunities and notify faculty, it is the responsibility of the faculty to contact should a faculty member identify a limited submissions funding opportunity that she/he is interested in, but finds that it is not posted on the RD website. Faculty may not proceed with an application to a limited submission competition without notice of approval from RD

Announcing the Limited Submissions Competitions
Limited submissions funding opportunities and internal and external deadlines are posted on the RD web site (see below). Additionally, announcements about major limited submissions funding opportunities are communicated to the Research Council and distributed by listserv notice to the Mason research community. These announcements identify the opportunity, give a brief description, provide a link to the funding agency’s site, and indicate all internal and external deadlines.

Submitting an Application for Internal Review
Internal review proposals should be submitted to by the posted internal deadline. A copy of the proposal should also be sent to the applicant’s Associate Dean for Research.

Standard Proposals

  • Project title and a list of investigator(s);
  • Project Summary (typically 1-3 pages; This varies by application. Please see the Grants Program Deadline Table for specific instructions);
  • For large, complex proposals, names of team members at Mason and at partnering institutions;
  • If cost sharing (mandatory or voluntary) is involved, applicant should indicate the plan for how the match will be met.

Equipment/Instrumentation Proposals

  • Description of the equipment and need justification (1-2 pages);
  • A table listing faculty who will be involved in the submission and the estimated number of researchers who will benefit from the use of the equipment;
  • Description of project and management plans, including plans for the maintenance, operation, and technical support of instrumentation, and for attracting new users (one page);
  • Total budget estimate and total project cost share estimate, if applicable.
Review Process
If the number of internal review proposals exceeds the sponsor limit, the internal proposals will be sent to selected reviewers. The reviewers will identify the proposal(s) with the best chance of success in the overall external competition by evaluating the application against the program guidelines and established review criteria and then recommend these proposal(s) to the Vice President for Research.

The Vice President for Research has the final authority for selecting a proposal(s). When reviews require additional research expertise not reflected by the composition of the review panel members, the Vice President for Research will select ad hoc reviewers based on their expertise.

While every effort is made to adhere to the procedures listed above, there are instances when the time between becoming aware of a limited solicitation and the time for submission of materials to the funding agency makes it impractical to follow the process outlined above. In those cases, broad announcements may not be made, expedited reviews with limited or no feedback comments may be performed, and/or submission slots may be awarded on a first-come first served basis.

There will also be an exception to this process for programs that make awards to individuals as an acknowledgement of their academic or professional achievement. These programs frequently target junior faculty who have demonstrated significant contributions early in their careers. An example of this program is the ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Achievement Award. Internal applicants for these awards shall be nominated by the Associate Dean for Research in the applicant’s unit. The nominees identified in this manner shall then be reviewed and selected as described above.

If RD is notified of a limited submission RFP that has not previously been announced or posted on the RD site and, if there are at least ten working days until the agency deadline, an announcement will be sent out and the standard review process will apply. If there are fewer than ten working days until the agency deadline, the Vice President for Research shall determine which proposal will be selected as an institutional submission. If any proposals come in after the University has reached the maximum number of submissions permitted, those proposals will not be eligible for submission

Selection Notification and Full Proposal Submission
Selected proposal PI(s),their Associate Dean for Research, and the Office of Sponsored Programs will be notified by email. Selected PI(s) will be required to confirm intention to submit a full proposal within three (3) work days of receiving selection notice. If intention to submit is not received, a new candidate will be selected. Candidates who were not selected will be notified at the same time as the selected candidates.

Selected PI(s) will then work directly with the Office of Sponsored Programs to submit the proposal. Please request proposal assistance at

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the limited submission review process, please contact Rebekah Hersch at Rebekah Hersch or by telephone, 993-5940.